Coronovirus (COVID-19): Park Hall Hotel update.

The start of 2020 has brought a number of challenges for every one of us, and now as the lockdown eases we are now reopening our Hotel, we have considered many options and studied the latest guidance to ensure that our property is ready for our guests to enjoy our facilities in a safe and secure environment.

Park Hall Hotel has provided a safe and caring environment for all of our customers for over 3 generations, we will take extra precautions by introducing additional hygiene and safety measures so that our guests can enjoy the Leisure Club facilities and their stay at Park Hall Hotel and we look forward to welcoming our guests back.

Key areas:

  1. Taking care of our guests
  2. Enhanced cleaning and sanitisation
  3. Guest bedroom and bathroom facilities
  4. Social distancing
  5. Bars and Restaurant
  6. Let’s talk, how we will communicate to you
  7. The team-how we’ll look after our colleagues to look after you

1 Taking Care of our guests

We want to assure you that when you visit our hotel and leisure centre you will be satisfied by the measures we have taken to ensure that you have a comfy and enjoyable stay. However there will be a few changes that we will have to make to your stay with us. We envisage that these changes will alter over the forseeable future but be assured that we will be altering accordingly

In short these measures are:

  • We have adopted the “Safe, clean and legal” kitemark through our franchise partner Best Western. This is inspected by the local Environmental Health Officer and also audited by the independent organisation Quality in Tourism. We are proud to say that we have been awarded a kitemark that demonstrates our commitment to the importance of these measures. This will ensure your hotel, bedroom, bathroom are all sanitised and ready for your use.
  • Sanitisation stations are located at the hotel entrances and as you enter specific areas of the hotel.
  • Social distancing floor mats and signs are in operation
  • We have adapted our restaurants so when the authorities allow us to open them we can do so safely
  • We will take your temperature on arrival.
  • We will take names and contact details of everyone in your party.

2 Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitisation

We have already mentioned our kitemark and independently audited cleaning regimes within the hotel. Added to that we will also be adopting the following measures:

  • PPE will be provided to our colleagues for them to wear whilst at work
  • Sanitisations units will be provided throughout the hotel
  • Guest rooms will have a small sanitisation packs for them to use during their stay
  • New chemicals will be used in various areas that are virucidal (kills virus) as well as disinfecting and sanitising.

3 Guest bedroom and bathroom facilities

As much as possible we hope to eradicate any chance of COVID-19 entering the hotel therefore the bedroom and bathroom where people spend the most amount of time (its not the bar contrary to some opinion) are key areas for us to concentrate on. The areas we have concentrated on are:

  • All our rooms are self-ventilated meaning during this time we will have fresh air circulating throughout the room
  • PPE will be worn whilst the rooms are cleaned.
  • Filters in vacuum cleaners will be changed daily
  • Filters in vacuum cleaners will be changed daily
  • Room service will be free of charge and social distance will be taken into account.
  • We will provide packets of tissues rather than the traditional communal box to cut down cross contamination

4 Social Distancing

We like to be close to you however current rules dictate that we maintain 2 metres distance wherever possible. We know that this can be frustrating sometimes but we are streamlining certain procedures to ensure that your stay will continue to flow and that you won’t be queuing all the time. You will see in a number of areas of the hotel the following changes:

  • Floor markers asking you to keep 2 metres apart
  • Signage throughout the hotel reminding you of this responsibility
  • Within the bars and restaurants the tables will be further apart however we have plenty of room giving us additional space to look after you.
  • We will offer you an express checkout so that you don’t have to come to our desk when leaving the hotel.
  • Guest toilets might be a challenge, however between us all being sensible and alert we will be able to manage the demand and supply of these facilities

5 Bars and Restaurants

As mentioned already we are waiting for Boris to give us the green light on opening these fully, however we are planning ahead so you will see a number of small adaptations but remember room service will free of charge for the foreseeable future.

  • We will have specific times that the bookings for the restaurants will be taken, this will give us a little less flexibility but still the same great service.
  • Our colleagues whether delivering to your table or room will be wearing PPE.
  • Additional cleaning measures have been put in place behind the scenes to ensure maximum sanitisation of the kitchens and bars.
  • We won’t be allowing more than 6 guests per table (currently)
  • Breakfast will be a little different, gone are the buffet tables and in will come more specific breakfast options such as build a breakfast bun/butty/barm cake (or however you call it from your neck of the woods)
  • We have a separate section in the restaurant if you are an Elderly or vulnerable person ( on request)

6 Lets Talk, how we communicate with you

Its good to talk and the very last thing we want to do is create a hotel where you just check in and that’s the last interaction you have with us. We are proud of our colleagues and they have chosen an industry in which to serve, deliver and interact with customers. So you’ll see a few additions:

  • Face masks, yes you’ll see a lot of these on us initially, however we won’t make this a barrier to talk to you and we don’t want any barriers for you to talk to us.
  • So you can still talk and interact with us like you normally did as long as we socially distance.
  • You can also ring us from your room like you have in the past.

You get the gist though, we want you to have a great stay with us.

7 Team Safety and Training.

We cannot “commit to COVID 19” without our fantastic staff also ensuring they take every measure possible to protect you, themselves and their families

  • Our colleagues have been given thorough training in which to ensure they know our new procedures and protocols.
  • They have also been given clear direction on what to do should they or their family members have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID 19.
  • PPE is issued to the staff to be used in their specific departments
  • Staff will ensure 20 second hand washing upon entering work
  • Shared equipment will be sanitised between uses
  • Sneeze guard screens will be installed in certain areas
  • We will check staff temperatures daily.